A downloadable game for Windows

WARNING do not play this game if you are at risk of epilleptic seizures, the bug wing animation is flashing brightly

ADVANCED version has fully customizable controls including controller support - however it is easier so gamers needing a challenge can still try the postjam version.
Post jam version is the version upgraded after the jam with some improvements etc

Alt+Enter for fullscreen toggle
WASD for movement
Spacebar to start and shoot your gun - hold for a powerful charge cannon, tap for rapid fire shot
Use the mouse to control your faithful Hound-Module - Fire with left click and send/attach with right click. But the Hound can only recharge when attached to your ship.

ARROWS + ENTER will always work in the main menu, if ever you manage to mess up the controls.

Can you solve the mystery of the bugs?

Code by The Monstre King
GFX by im9today

Current music from old video games Gley Lancer, Gaiares, Thunder Force III
an unfinished asset or two may have a placeholder from an old game. this is subject to change.

Install instructions

unpack in your favorite folder and double click the exe-file, possibly tell windows game maker studio 2 games are not a virus


ren-type - advanced.zip 5 MB
ren-type post jam.zip 5 MB
ren-type.zip 5 MB


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Man sooo many bees!!